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This program is to handle the specific needs of each student.  Much of the time in seminars and college courses, you are one amongst many vying for one on one time with a particular instructor.  In this type of instruction a student may feel left out or not fully understanding a theory or application.

In the Cerizo Mentoring Program, instructor Michael Cerizo will give time to just one individual at a time.  This course can be spread over a 9 week course with 3 hours per week dedicated specifically to the needs of that one student.  By the time you are finished with the 9 week course you will understand the working knowledge of a professional photographer that has over 28 years of experience.  Each 9 week course is tailor made to the student as each student has differing levels of understanding of photography.  Courses range from the basic newcomer to photography all the way to extremely advanced photography at the masters level.  

There is also a one day and a two day personal workshop.  This is directed more to the working professional that wants to learn specific things ranging from natural lighting, studio lighting, advanced Photoshop and Lightroom tutoring, in home sales training, custom framing and matting, building your own stretcher frames, designing custom albums, designing pr pieces, pricing instruction, and how to work up pieces for print competition.  Each personal workshop is again set to the needs of each individual that attends.

For details on any of the programs, email us at jennifer@michaelcerizo.com or by phone at 402.201.8338